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Download and Install WatchOS 5

How to download watchOS 5 to your Apple Watch

While the Apple watch 4 has watchOS5 inbuilt, you don’t need Apple’s latest watch in order to get the new OS. Other than the first generation all Apple watch models support the new OS. Want to know how to download watchOS 5 to your Apple Watch? Here is how to get the latest watchOS 5 for your Apple watch. First, to get the latest Apple watch software you need the latest iOS.  Which means that before you can download watchOS 5 you first need to download iOS 12 to your iPhone. We have created a separate full guide onHow to Install the iOS 12.

Steps to get WatchOS 5

  1. Once your phone updates to iOS12 you are ready to update the software on your Apple watch. The update is battery-intensive, so make sure your Watch is fully charged first. Ideally, it needs at least 70% charge.
  2. Connect your Apple Watch on its charger while updating.
  3. Now, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and pair it with your Apple watch.
  4. Next, open the Apple Watch app on your phone, tap on ‘My Watch’, and then tap General > Software Update.
  5. You can find the latest build of watchOS listed here, which currently is watchOS 5. So tap that and accept any terms and conditions.
  6. Enter your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode when prompted and the update should start.
  7. A progress wheel appears on your Apple Watch.
  8. At that point just leave it to download and install the update. Moreover, make sure not to quit the Apple Watch app or restart either device until update is done.
  9. When the watchOS 5 update is complete your Apple Watch restarts automatically and you now have access to all the new goodies, like the Walkie-Talkie mode and activity competitions.
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