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How To Disable Netflix Trailers from Auto Playing

How To Stop Netflix Trailers

Netflix trailers are beyond annoying and if you are wondering how to stop Netflix trailers you came to the right website. Chrome and Firefox have numerous browser add-ons and extensions to modify Netflix’s interface. Netflix Tweaked is one such add-on that blocks the trailer from auto playing. Moreover, it’s available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Steps to Stop Netflix Trailers

  1. All you have to do is install the Chrome plugin or Mozilla add-on
  2. Log in to Netflix.
  3. If you already have Netflix open, reload it.
  4. However, if you use Windows 10, easiest way to get rid of the auto-playing trailer is to use the official Netflix app in the Microsoft Store.

After installing the plugin Netflix no longer plays the trailer. Animations and speaker icon are not visible. However, the Play button on the trailer will not be disabled. When clicked, Netflix redirects the user to the title screen of the movie or series. This also does not impact the auto-play between episodes. With Netflix beta testing its ads play between episodes , there’s no telling if this add-on blocks the ads.

In order to disable other features on Netflix, or add them install other add-ons and extensions. For example,  if  you want reviews from IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes added to Netflix, install an extension that can add them.

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