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How to Take Measurements Using iOS 12’s Measuring App

Measuring App

The Measuring app allows you to measure the distance between two points and the dimensions of certain objects.  The App ships with the latest version of iOS– iOS12. The measuring app is likely to work better with iPhone 8 and newer iPhones, since cameras are better optimized for AR.

How to Take Measurements Using iOS 12’s Measure App

  1. Open the Measure app on iOS 12.
  2. Point the camera at the object you want to measure. Irrespective of the fact it’s a small object or an entire room, the Measuring app performs reliably.
  3. Once pointed at the object aPlus button appears on the screen, along with a Circle that has a dot in the middle.
  4. Point the dot at the starting point you want to measure and then click the Plus button.
  5. Now point the dot at the end point and click the Plus button again.
  6. Immediately the app shows you the distance between the two points on screen.
  7. Sometimes when you point the camera at rectangular objects, you will see an Add object button.
  8. Tap the button in order to see the length and breadth of the object.
  9. There are four buttons on the screen in the Measure app. The top-left button allows you to undo a measurement, the top-right Clear button allows you to reset all measurements, the bottom-right Photo button allows you to take a picture of the measurement, and the big Plus button adds points of measurement.

How to check levels using the iOS 12 Measure app

The Measuring app also allows you to check if an object is vertically or horizontally level. This was in the Compass app earlier but now it’s a part of the Measure app.

  1. Open the Measure app. Tap Level on the bottom-right after you point the camera at the desired object.
  2. Align the camera until the angle is 0 degrees to level it correctly.
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